Reflective and receiving

Life has been so reflective for me, taking the time to take stock and take some chances as well.  Taking action and putting myself out there and seeing what happens.

Painting canvases and applying for juried exhibitions.  Getting accepted into exhibitions.  Feeling a bit flat and stuck and listening to myself in that space.  Not fighting it, but embracing it.  Art journalling it.

And getting given opportunities that are effen freakin’ fantastic but that terrify me, and saying yes please.

That is where I have been.  And embracing autumn.  Seeing it.  I always thought gray and brown when thinking about autumn, it has never been a favourite month of mine, but I am loving the deep reds and stormy grays, and bright yellows.  The colours are glorious, life is spinning around me and the energy is incredible.  I am intending on hanging and seeing where it goes.

I am open to receiving all of this life, the good and bad, and there is such a peace in that.  That brings an abundant energy that gives me goosebumps.


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