I love art journalling.  Can I say up front I am so glad I found it.  I love paints.  I love arting.  It has become such a part of me.  And that I turn to it, when I am struggling that it has become that important to who I am and how I function…I love that.  Filled with love today clearly! :)

It has been the most amazing autumn around here.  It has started raining the last couple of days but frankly it is a week before winter, and I am feeling blessed that last weekend we were running around in t-shirts.  The weather has been so mild and warm, and incredible.  That as the weather is now cooling down, I am just feeling blessed we have had the sun for as long as we have.

And this is how I am filtering my world.  Embracing and letting through all the things that I choose to.  Recognising that I have the choice.  How I filter the world is absolutely, completely under my control.  Sometimes I do a better job at filtering, than at other times when I let myself get mired in obsessive overthinking and heading down that path to depression that I sometimes feel waiting for me, but the beauty of where I am now is that I see those signs so early.  And I have strategies in place now.  I think back to when I have had my depressive episodes and I cant imagine I will ever spiral down there again.  Letting that go on for months.  Madness.  I am so grateful for my depression for teaching me self awareness.  For helping me to find myself again.

But back to filtering because I am rambling, this week at Darcy’s 52 pages, the prompt was filter, and in writing about what filtering was to me now, I realised how much about this world I filter out now.  How negativity doesn’t get a chance to put roots down anymore.  I filter it, don’t fight it, and then it passes through.  I am loving the prompts (I know I have only done two!!!), and I am fighting that urge to go over to the others and catch up, rather than do them in order over at Wild Precious.  That is a bad habit…the catch up and then burn out and quit.  So I am doing them as they appear on Wild Precious, no skipping ahead.  Note…more rambling.

The fabric over her eyes was wrapped around some flowers I got this week.  It seemed perfect as a filter, and I alleviated my feeling of hoardiness by using it, after I got so excited by the wrapping and stashed it away.  And it was nice to get my prismacolors out again.  They have been in hibernation while I have played with paint.


Take time to regenerate

The last couple of months I have been in a type of funk, processing big news and working hard but seeming to not really get very far.  Doing a lot of art journalling, and seeming to be very busy living, but at the same time wondering if you are getting very far.

Yes.  It would appear that while I have been busy and quiet and taking time to regenerate, and playing in my journal, but feeling a bit flat about art…things have been brewing.

There was the exhibition I applied for and was accepted (Oh my gosh!), and I was asked to be interviewed as part of a series on a world famous blog (more on that later when I can talk about it!), and then this morning I was offered a solo exhibition…oh my freaking goodness gosh.  I said yes, and immediately felt terrified, but sure that this was the right thing to do.

And so for two weeks in December I will have my own exhibit at a proper art gallery…my first one.  I am so in love with my life right now.  IN LOVE AND GRATEFUL.

If only I can remember in those times I feel flat to take the time to regenerate and that this is merely a cycle, nothing to worry about.

The art journal page above was done for a prompt over at Wild Precious, where there is a new group just set up following Darcy at Art and Sole and her 52 art journalling prompts.

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh!  I have news.  HUGE news.  Two pieces, this one and the one in yesterday’s post have been accepted into an art exhibition.  A proper big girl art exhibition.

Oh My Gosh!!

And then I am waiting to publish this and get a phone call to ask if they can use one of my images in their promotional literature…OF COURSE YOU CAN!!!

And I know overuse of exclamation marks…but I can hardly believe it.  It just feels like I am coming to a place that is glorious and magical and I have gotten myself there.  I took those actions and everything has led to this moment to show me this is what I want to do.  With the rest of my life.

Blessings galore today.  What a glorious day.  And a stunningly mild autumn, and I am feeling blessings everywhere.  :)

Reflective and receiving

Life has been so reflective for me, taking the time to take stock and take some chances as well.  Taking action and putting myself out there and seeing what happens.

Painting canvases and applying for juried exhibitions.  Getting accepted into exhibitions.  Feeling a bit flat and stuck and listening to myself in that space.  Not fighting it, but embracing it.  Art journalling it.

And getting given opportunities that are effen freakin’ fantastic but that terrify me, and saying yes please.

That is where I have been.  And embracing autumn.  Seeing it.  I always thought gray and brown when thinking about autumn, it has never been a favourite month of mine, but I am loving the deep reds and stormy grays, and bright yellows.  The colours are glorious, life is spinning around me and the energy is incredible.  I am intending on hanging and seeing where it goes.

I am open to receiving all of this life, the good and bad, and there is such a peace in that.  That brings an abundant energy that gives me goosebumps.