Topsy Turvy

Today is a topsy turvy day.  I start to think I am doing good, and then I have a little slide.  In the interests of not rushing the healing process and fully stepping into where I am, I will say I am doing okay, right now.  I am not going to make any declarations of coming out of my funk, because right when I do that, I take a slide.  Only living in the present.  I have been reading Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser, and how welcome that is.  Stories tagged like a little roadmap.  And wisdom leaking out of the pages.  So for right now I am allowing myself to stop. Embrace all that I a feeling and not rushing through where I am right now.  And that means I am topsy turvy.  Gloriously topsy turvy.

Thank goodness for play dates with four year old girls who are busy baking playdough and chocolate muffins to welcome our new neighbours.  And Fantasia playing in the background, and a gray autumnal day that is perfect for cups of tea and listening to little girl chatter as they make a ‘garden for mama’ out of playdough.


Your comment will make my day. Thank you! :)

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