Beyond excited.

Violette Inspired Background (21 SECRETS)

I have taken the last little while to get my bearings back.  Staying away from the computer unless it revolves around creating, and spending time at the beach, with my family, luxuriating in autumnal sun.  The ocean calls to me, and settles me, and brings me back to myself.  Slowly I feel the funk I have been in leaving.  And slowly resolving feelings of grief and confusion and overwhelm, and, and…

So coming back I am glad to say I checked my emails this  morning, and my blog subscriptions come straight to my inbox, and I discovered I had won a fantastic prize!!!  It is so welcome after the last couple of weeks.  The joy of winning art related competitions feels like Christmas has come early.  I feel such joy and am beyond grateful to be so blessed.  I have to admit I squealed when I first realised it was me, and I am so excited that the world famous Violette will be sending ME something!  And she is teaching at 21 Secrets Spring Session as well.  World famous.

Thank you is all I have to say. Thank you.

Violette Inspired background (21 Secrets)


One thought on “Beyond excited.

  1. I’m happy that the funk is lifting……i’m loving all of your juicy pages! So expressive and colourful!

    You are sooooo going to love your package – i put something extra special in it…….well – 2 things extra!

    Have a lovely day!

    Love, violette

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