I am priceless

Thank goodness I have had a breakthrough!  Art journalling really is cheap therapy for me.  I have been in a bit of a funk, coming out of it, and then hit by the news that a friend had taken her life, and I have been stuck there.  Aware that it was not the slide into depression that I am always mindful of, but not quite been able to get out of the hole.  I needed to name that hole it appears.

Yesterday’s art journal spread, helped steel me.  I took the “Emotional Evolution”  workshop run by Jeniffer Hutchins at 21 Secrets and just did a mind dump of everything I was feeling, and it was illuminating.  I felt like I got the the crux of it.  And then I saw the way forward.  And then we got to play.  And discover our maps past our emotional minefields.  That is priceless.  I feel so much clearer.  I don’t feel like I am getting weighted down now with all the burdens of life. Here is the page…

Thank goodness.  And today, as we have our first autumnal (I love that word) cold snap, it feels like a cleansing sort of day.  Perfect.  Don’t you just love the synchronicity of timing, that it feels the perfect time to do this session of 21 Secrets.  And I have to also say, this time around, the classes are ALL fantastic, and are worth tonnes more that the price of the workshop.  Last time around, I felt like I got more than my money’s worth because there were super fantastic classes, but some were a bit average.  I did feel a bit let down by a coupe of them, but I fully get that was my own expectations on the teacher.  This time around however, each of the classes I have taken have been work the price.  So much to do, and knowing where to start is a bit overwhelming.  But what a blessing to be so overwhelmed by creativity.  I will take ten of that sort of overwhelm please.


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