Sometimes it just is…

This is a journal page I did following the workshop process of Natasha at the latest session of 21 secrets.

Doing this today became very reflective of the friend who took her life and the incomprehension of it all.  It just makes no sense and so many questions are left unanswered.  And perhaps the answer is sometimes it just is.

Even in that place of having something so intense, so close to home, there is always wonder at the magnificence of the the wonders around us.  The beauty that surrounds us if only we open ourselves up to it.  And the wonder in the fragility of life and the intricacies of the spider web.  In the end the page took on  a life of it’s own and I was grateful for the chance to work through some of the thoughts I have been processing in a somewhat healthy way.

The perfect use of an art journal.  Cheap therapy :)


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