Just starting

For the past few days I have felt a bit inbetween.  So much on, and not knowing where to start so procrastinating and getting nothing achieved.

At least it has appeared that way, but as I write I realise I have in fact been doing things, and I have a to do list nearly fill of crossed out lines from yesterday.  It is just the three things I did not cross out that I am letting cloud my judgment.

I do feel a bit all over the place.  Not knowing where to begin.  And so I am just starting.  And really this is life isn’t it?  We are sometimes not in the flow, and the trick is to keep going.  So I am here, because I can’t put my finger on what has changed between this week and last but I am feeling a bit lost.

And so I am starting.  One of the things to cross off my list was a post.  I am just starting, in the midst of feeling lost and not knowing where to start.  I came here and did something, and that has given me the start I needed.  Now to get on with the rest of that list.


One thought on “Just starting

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