Goodness, so much going on today, everything must be in harmony.

Way back when I wrote a post about these three canvases I had painted…

Post 1

And then another as it developed…

Post 2

And now this is Post 3, and my plans are wildly different.

I reached a stage with that painting when it was out of control and I think I got so lost I didn’t know what to do with it, so instead I called it finished…go figure!

But while it was up on the wall and I was living with it, I saw another painting on it, one with a windholding a kite, and painted in titan buff and paynes gray.  And variations of the two.  Sometimes I see a red cape on her, sometimes I don’t.  But I took those canvases down in order to paint what I saw in my head and procrastination central….never got any further.

Until this morning….this is what those canvases look like now.  I will keep you updated on the progress…


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